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    You're working hard to drive your mission forward, but feel like you can't ever catch up. 

    We help lean nonprofit teams move their mission forward with the long term in mind. 

    Organizational Messaging
    Grant Writing
    Cases for Support
    Fundraising Appeals
    Web Copy & Design
    Digital Marketing & Social Media

    Fundraising Strategy & Planning
    Marketing Campaign Planning
    Project Management & Program Planning
    Strategic Planning
    Mission & Vision Development
    Operations & Admin

    smart strategy 

    a compelling message

    Banyan Nonprofit Strategy works with you to strengthen your team's fundraising, marketing, operations and strategy with the long term in mind - but with the budget and capacity you have today.

    We deeply understand that nonprofits cannot sustainably support and grow their efforts without smart strategy and a compelling message that they can execute with the team they have in place today. And how difficult it can be to 

    We work with the capacity and budget you have to help you go from scattered to strategic so you know the work you are doing will move your mission forward. 

    We wrap all of this together to support nonprofits on a budget they can afford. From 1-on-1 mentorship to on-demand on-the-go support, we are the lean nonprofit team's right-hand.

    Banyan Nonprofit Strategy's services were designed by a former "nonprofit-do-it-all-er",
    specifically with lean nonprofit teams in mind.

    How Banyan supports our clients

    Just need some one-off support? Banyan offers strategy calls and copy critiques to help you go from good to great and, more importantly, understand the why behind what you're doing. 

    If you're wondering whether longer term packages are right for your team, this can be a great place to start!

    Quick Critiques

    For the team that has their plan in place but just needs an extra set of hands to execute it. Whether its grants, website support, social media, fundraising appeals, or just a partner to brainstorm and help keep you on track - we're here to help! 

    You purchase a set of hours up front and direct us as needed to support you in whatever way makes most sense for your organization. 

    Ongoing Support

     Focused 1-on-1 fundraising and communications coaching that will take you from scattered to strategic in all that you do.

    Together, we'll assess where you are, identify where you want to go, and develop an attainable 1-year plan to get you there

    1:1 Mentorship

    Ways We Can Work Together

    more about me

    I have been working and learning in the nonprofit field since 2011. All of my roles have been in lean nonprofits that didn't have the luxury of clear-cut departments or teams. Everyone truly did a bit of everything - which often left us all feeling overwhelmed and in crisis mode far too often.

    But learning to put in place straightforward systems and intentionally plan 
    helped me go from scattered to strategic in these roles. And now I'm on a mission to help you get there, too!

    At Banyan, we focus on  smart fundraising, communications & organizational strategy to help you go from crisis-driven to mission-driven in your work.

    My goal? To help passionate, purpose-driven teams and people (you!) to grow with intention as an organization. 

    and I've been in your shoes!

    Hi there, I'm Bonnie.

    Debbie, Executive Director

    From the first interaction, Bonnie was knowledgeable and informed about our organization. Her suggestions were valuable and targeted to our particular needs making the entire process efficient and productive.

      For the first time since becoming Executive Director, I feel comfortable and confident with our fundraising targets for 2021 thanks to her guidance and detailed plan!

    Sahar, Nonprofit Founder

    Amazing grant writing.

    Truly cares and communicates frequently. Very creative! 

    Stacie, Director of Outreach

    "Bonnie's coaching was invaluable to our organization. As a new Director, I appreciated Bonnie's knowledge, teaching style, and patience! She gave me the confidence I needed to embrace my new role, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

    What People Are Saying...

    Help Your Mission Resonate

    A guide to customizing your message for different audiences

      A free guide to customizing your message for different audiences. Whether its individuals, corporations, or grant funders - we have you covered! 

      Share your story with the right person at the right time in the right way to better connect with your audience and further your mission.