Digital Fundraising Case Study: Sharon Says So Peer-Led Campaign for RIP Medical Debt

An image of a woman in a black shirt typing at a computer is the background of the image. Overlayed over this, words read "Digital Fundraising Case Study: @SharonSaysSo & RIP Medical Debt" At the bottom of the image reads "" in a peach box.
  1. […] Sign up for the fundraising emails, letters, etc of other nonprofits that you admire the work of. Sign up for nonprofit education email lists. And then as these come across your desk – read and study them! Note what you like and what you didn’t. Google anything that piqued your interest to understand why it might have been done that way. The goal here is to just get a lot of content to learn from in front of you regularly – and then to be curious about it! If you want to read a few past fundraising case studies Banyan has done, you can find one on digital fundraising here and one on grassroots social media fundraising here. […]

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