Work with Banyan

+ 10 weeks of 1-on-1 guided coaching calls with Bonnie, covering all aspects of nonprofit fundraising and communications
+ A holistic audit of your organization's fundraising and communications to identify what is, and what isn't, working
+A customized 1-year fundraising and communications plan for your organization
+ A month by month road map of the exact activities you need to complete to reach the goals we define together
+A unified, compelling message of why your organization does what it does to guide all of your work for the next year
+ Plenty of templates, resources and guides so you can complete this process on your own for years to come!

what's included:

You'll walk away with a deep understanding of what has and hasn't been working in your fundraising and communications, a clear map to help you grow, and the confidence to go out and make it happen!

Ten weeks of focused 1-on-1 fundraising and communications coaching will take you from scattered to strategic in all that you do.

Together, we'll assess where you are, identify where you want to go, and develop an attainable 1-year plan to get you there. 

Banyan Coaching: 
Development and Communications Strategy

Our services were designed specifically with the small-but-mighty nonprofit team in mind

The Banyan coaching program is an investment of $2,975.

For the team that has their plan in place but just needs an extra set of hands now and then.Whatever you might need, we're here to help!

We offer half-day, full-day & retainer packages to support you in whatever way makes most sense for your organization. For one day projects, we set the date mutually in advance, discuss what we can accomplish in the timeframe set, and you complete some prep work for us dependent on the project.
Then we take it from there!

Ongoing Fundraising & Communications Support

+Fundraising/Marketing Campaign Planning & Strategy
+Copy Development - Website, Fundraising, Email Marketing
+Case for Support Development (your organization's unified fundraising message!)
+Grant Writing
+Social Media
+Website Maintenance & Training (Wordpress, Squarespace) 
+Strategic Planning Facilitation

A few ways we can help:

Ongoing support is an investment of $375 for half day or $750 for full day.
Retainer packages vary by project.

reach out to book a session

+ You develop a draft version of your fundraising appeal, your campaign timeline, grant application (or whatever you need a bit of help with!)
+You send the draft to us
+We review and send back a detailed edited version with notes - not just the changes we made, but the why behind the changes
+We have a 30 minute wrap-up call to discuss any questions you may have 

how this works:

Banyan offers strategy calls and copy critiques to help you go from good to great and, more importantly, understand the why behind what you're doing.

If you're wondering about our longer term packages, this can be a great place to start!

Just need some one-off support? 

The strategy session is an investment of $150.

Banyan Strategy Sessions

Help Your Mission Resonate

A guide to customizing your message for different audiences

    A free guide to customizing your message for different audiences. Whether its individuals, corporations, or grant funders - we have you covered! 

    Share your story with the right person at the right time in the right way to better connect with your audience and further your mission. 

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